luni, 20 iulie 2009

>>> Message for today, 20 july 2009 - Take a break <<<

On this day of your life, My friend, I believe God wants you to know.......that you must be good to yourself if you are ever going to be any good for others.

This means take a day off once in a while when it's not scheduled. Eat of piece of chocolate when it's not recommended. Take a nap when it's just not possible.

Get your face into a good book for an hour when you can't afford to. Soak in a tub when there's no time to. Stop everything when you're not supposed to. Do this now, right now, for goodness sake.

Love, Your Friend....

3 comentarii:

  1. I love beeing good to myself:D
    mai ales cand am multe chestii pe cap:X
    de fapt, cred ca nici nu ma pot relaxa atunci cand nu am chiar nimic de facut...

  2. da, si mie imi place:X dar uneori nu prea pot sa ma relaxez...prea multe ganduri adunate se bat cap in cap si fac galagie in creieras, incat nu mai poti face nimic pana nu rezolvi ceva, pana nu te scapi de povara..

    atunci cand n-ai nimic de facut esti deja relaxat:)) ce mai vrei in plus?;))

  3. Ciocolata nu este recomandata?...hahhaha.
    Eu mananc aproape in fiecare zi cate una :)
    Cat despre ceva timp ma tot relaxez...noroc cu sumedenia de examene care mi-au mai intrerupt monotonia.

    Imi place muzica din site-ul tau...:)
    Pupik, o seara buna.


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