sâmbătă, 20 februarie 2010

--- Message for today - Home is everywhere---

On this day of your life, My friend, I believe God wants you to know...that home really is where the heart is. And if your heart is centered on God, you are 'safe at home' everywhere.

In this day and time of continuing change, many people find themselves moving a great deal, and constantly having to try to make yet one more place "like home."

Yet home is a quality you bring to a place, not a quality that a place brings to you. Let yourself feel at home anywhere and people everywhere will welcome you always. And isn't a place where you are always welcome...'home'?

So feel good where you are right now. That's mastery.
Love, Your Friend....

3 comentarii:

  1. Ideea ca tu aduci calitatea unui loc si nu locul aduce calitatea e asemanatoare cu "conteaza sa iti placa ce faci, nu sa faci ce-ti place".

    Dupa parerea mea, nu mai ti cont de calitatea locului in care te afli daca ai langa tine prietenii si te distrezi. La mine e dovedita treaba :D


    P.S. - Imi plac foarte mult postarile cu "God wants you to know". De fapt, imi place tot blogul tau;;) >:D<

  2. chiar aveam nevoie sa imi aminteasca cineva asta azi. mersi, sunlover:)


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