marți, 2 februarie 2010


Simte iubirea si bucura-te de ea...sarbatoreste-o in fiecare zi. Pentru ca de asta ai venit aici, pe Pamant: Sa sarbatoresti Iubirea!

Pentru ca Dragostea rabdă indelung; dragostea este binevoitoare, dragostea nu pizmuieste, nu se laudă, nu se umfla de mandrie. Dragostea nu se poartă cu necuviintă, nu caută ale sale, nu se aprinde de mânie, nu gândeste răul. Nu se bucură de nedreptate, ci se bucură de adevăr. Toate le suferă, toate le crede, toate le nadajduieste, toate le rabda. Dragostea nu va pieri niciodată.

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  1. Exceptional! You know a little bit the Bible! But have you ever been in love?...have you ever felt those things on your skin, in your heart? because it's much more complete, much more deep than you ever thought.To love is maybe written in our genetic code, but not all the time we succeed to manage our genetic code, our native characteristics, isn't it? So, I think loving someone it could be another challenge for us, the most pleasant and the hardest one that ever existed...probably because we love with our heart!

  2. @Anonymous: Yes, I was in love, deep love, twice. First for eight months, second for three days(do you believe in love for three days? It came so fast and gone the same speed). As you said, The Mistery, loving someone it is a challenge for everyone, but if you accept it and run into it, you will win the most precious feeling, Love. You will know it and will live it, because is the first thing, after life, that you receive from God when you come into this world.

  3. I agree with you. Actually, I believe in a Love that is for a lifetime. I believe in sufference in Love as a reconstruction of our personality. 'cause it's always Something that makes us a better person when we love somebody, isn't it? More, I see Love and Falling in love as 2 different things: the second one is superficial, but is the base, when the first one is the real result, it's almost a process. That's why I think Real love is rare in a lifetime. It's like you meet a lot of persons and each one have Something that catch you attention and your soul. But, in a moment, suddenly shows up the PERSON that seems to have all those charasteristics, it's like a prototype...and you fall in love for really what she/he is. But from here starts the real adventure, because if you realise her importance in your life, you'll have to face with dificulties, her/his bad aspects, but ALWAYS, IN ANY HARD SITUATION, ALL THAT COUNTS IS YOUR DEEPEST FEELINGS FOR HER. I meen, go again and again to the origins, to the real love for her. That's my opinion.


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