luni, 16 august 2010

This is God :)

"God gives you answers in three ways: 1. He says yes and gives you what you want; 2. He says no and gives you something better; 3. or He says wait and gives you the best."

Thank you for share, Ami.

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  1. What do you really think about God? Because our image about Him is not the Reality. God is more than we can! It's very interesting that He gives us the freedom to be ourselves, but in the same time, to be inteconnected with Him. Both are the best solutions for us, I suppose.
    When a person is searching for a solution or an answer in her life, very often is searching in a wrong place and in a wrong direction. Our real answers are in front of God, but WE NEED TO ASK HIM FOR THEM. He always have the wright word, the right feeling... More, He is speaking throught certain persons in our life. It's very important not to be blind, but ALIVE!'cause are things and people that came and pass, but there are others that need to be kept in safe in our lifes and souls!
    And keep having trust: God is with us everywhere and anytime we need!


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