vineri, 6 august 2010

My mother used to say, when I had a problem: "Even this shall pass."
She also used to say, "When you are 90, how important
do you think this will seem?"  Then she would
advise me, "give it that same importance today."
I just thought I'd pass that on...

2 comentarii:

  1. The question is: what is really important in our lives? which are our priorities about ouselves, our future, our Love, our people around us? Because in our try to do things better, it's always the risk to forget about our Essential which relates to our's not about the perfection of a thing, but about what we put in from our heart.WE create the Real importance of a thing, of a history,of a Love,of a song, of a sunrise....nobody else but us.

  2. @Anonymous: Very nice! Almost perfect! If we put this in practice, then will be perfect! Thank you for all your thoughts and advices. In spite of all that happens, The Essence remains the same! In the depth of your soul is the River of Love that flows to infinity and that "thing" never stops. It's always there. It's from God!


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