joi, 3 iunie 2010


“Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see Life with a clearer view again.”


 Alex Tan

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  1. It's almost a curiosity for me how tears can change a person's life.I mean when you see someone crying,it's impossible to stay as if nothing happened.Tears are the expression of our soul, but what about a SMILE? Maybe we should also wonder about the source of someone"s smile on his face.I know it cames from our heart, but why people are waiting more for some tears to impress them, and do not pay a little bit attention to a smile, a real one? I think this aspect can be a challenge for us...

  2. @Anonim: i like your point of view about this stuff of things. thank you for every word you've wrote here, on my blog.
    But, who are you? I'm very happy and pleasant to receive so beautiful messages from someone I don't know. So, because of that, I'm interested about your person. Or maybe, I can call you "The mistery":))
    Thank you for everything and make the next step: Do things, not just write them!

  3. I trully believe that life it's a Hole, and not a sequence of steps. There are things and experiences that we must have it, but even we try almost everything, it's vital for us to follow our main purpose. This is different for each one, but the only one in front of God!
    And another suggestion: I think that somebody who write about a thing, an emotion or is trying to share ideas with the others, actually he Experienced Himself those facts, in a way or other. So, in my opinion, it's quite improperly saying: "Do things, not just write them!"


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