joi, 25 iunie 2009

>>> Message for today, 25 june 2009 - God Loves You <<<

On this day of your life, My friend, I believe God wants you to know...
....that you are deeply loved by God.

Do you know that? I mean, do you really know that? Because if you do, you will move through life without fear. You will know that only Perfection can occur.

Yes, yes, I know, sometimes the things that occur don't look perfect...but that is only a matter of perspective. Because you can't see Perfection does not mean it is not there. Give it Time. It will show itself for sure. Then you will again smile at God's love...and how it plays out. For now, trust that it will. Always. And in all ways. I would not tell you this were it not true.

Love, Your Friend....

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  1. vara trecuta eram si eu la fel de entuziasmata de pricipiile astea ca si tine acum. ma bucur ca ma aduci on the right track again cu posturile tale:). bafta multa la bac! nu e asa greu cum pare. si sa iti alegi o facultate care sa iti placa, e foarte important! hugz, Ana


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